About Us

In mid-2015, after being a key stakeholder in a multi award winning firm which has serviced the Quebec and Ontario business communities since 1967 with quality cleaning and janitorial services that only a family-run company can deliver, the idea was conceived to share its model with the wider community.

If we were to scale the business, we needed to ensure we could replicate the same core values and premium service and therefore; a shared ownership in our growth was the best choice. It was at this time that the new name, CNET was devised in order to recognize the national focus and brand of our company.


The Canadian commercial cleaning industry turns over in excess of $6 billion dollars with small and medium sized office and retail cleaning services making up approximately 38% of total industry revenue…


Over the last 50 years we have gained valuable insight and experience in the commercial janitorial service industry. Today’s reality is that there are some extremely difficult challenges within the industry created by…


CNET gives our partners all the tools, systems, training, experience and expertise to excel. A step further is that they become a partner in the success of the business. They are no longer just an employee. They now have…

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Through a CNET franchise, it is possible to run your own business, yet share in many of the advantages and economies of scale available to a larger company.

Our Services

CNET Provides Owner operated professional janitorial and building maintenance to commercial buildings, condominiums & apartments complexes , retail , facilities & Manufacturing plants and many other specialized sites.


The main purpose of the company was maintenance. However, what distinguishes us within the industry is our attention to detail.

  • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE – Program for carpet and upolstery
  • “SPRING CLEANING” – Walls, ceiling beams, lights, windows, equipment, etc.
  • CLEANING OF COMPUTER EQUIPMENT – Computer screens and keyboards
Our reputable experience has enabled us to offer this highly requested service in the sectors where health and safety are the basis of the customer’s needs.
  • CLEANING OF FOOD RELATED AREAS – Places that offer food services such as cafeterias and kitchens are more susceptible to the increased presence of bacteria.
  • CONSTRUCTION-RELATED CLEANING – We have well-trained teams that carry out work as leading experts in this category in order to ensure high quality results, but also to minimize the necessity of the involvement of project managers who are often overwhelmed by all the supervision they must normally do.
  • EMERGENCY CLEAN UP OF DISASTERS (WATER, FIRE OR OTHER) – We have highly trained teams that are experts in responding immediately to disasters. This rapid response often reduces the costs oriented with this type of work.
The increasing presence of stone in various buildings has lead us to find a method to maintain them, as well as to bring them back to their original caliber of luster with great success. We use a polishing method that eliminates the usage of products that would alter the natural beauty of these stones.
  • STRIPPING, FINISHING AND MAINTAINING POLYMER PROTECTION (WAX) – Whether it’s for a new surface, or a currently existing one that needs to be restored, we offer many maintenance options to cater to the numerous situations we may be presented with.
  • CONCRETE SEALING – This process is immensely valuable and effective in eliminating the presence of dust, all the while making it much easier for routine maintenance to be completed in places such as: parking garages, basements, warehouses, etc.
  • GRAFFITI AND CHEWING GUM REMOVAL – We safely perform the removal of graffiti and chewing gum, all the while respecting the environment.
CNET offers tailored services according to your needs
CNET ensures professionalism
CNET assures you qualified labour
CNET reduces cost through efficient programs
CNET protects your investment

Enviromental Initiatives

We recognize that our Industry generally has an impact on the environment. This is why the green program we’ve implemented includes specific training programs which will contribute to the health and safety of our customers, tenants and the overall community. We pride ourselves on the numerous rewards of excellence our team has received throughout the years, which continues to motivate us to excel and to offer our customers a service which surpasses their expectations.


Office towers
Shopping centres, Strip malls and retail outlets
Condominium & apartment complexes
Hospitals, health care centres & clinics
Retirement or nursing homes
Schools, campuses
Sports centres and gyms
Industrial sites

Theatres, entertainment & amusement centres
Pharmaceutical laboratories
White rooms
Interior and exterior parking lots
Car dealerships


CNET Clean Building 2.0

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Real time Inspections
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Equipment Management

CNET offers tailored services according to your needs